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Dog Friendly Boat Trip

If you'd like to get out on the water and would prefer it if your four legged friend could come out with you too, we'll be more than happy to oblige! Dogs are welcome on board Carmen Rose, and in case you don't have your own, we carry a range of different sized doggie life jackets on board.

The boat is safe for well behaved dogs to roam around on as there are high rails around the cockpit area, and more confident pets are welcome to go onto the bow area when wearing a lead. 

A man with his dog and daughter asleep in sun
Labrador swimming back towards Carmen Rose
Holly the spaniel as Carmen Rose skipper

Getting your pooch on board is fairly straightforward as the swim platform is level with the pontoon we leave from, so it's just a very small step on board. More nervous dogs sometimes need a little encouragement but can always be carried on if need be... Once in the cockpit, a gate is safely secured to keep them inside.

Several owners have been worried that their dog won't enjoy the experience on previous trips, but so far they have all without fail loved it! The motion, the wind in their ears and watching the splashing of the water and the passing wildlife seems to be very therapeutic for dogs, as well as their owners!

Couple with dog, baby and a drink on boat trip
family and large dog in Mylor yacht harbour
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